They say industry destroys nature. We are going to prove them wrong. Khed City cares for nature’s bounty and has pledged to preserve it’s pristine beauty. From the moment you enter Khed City, you can smell it in the air, see it through the green expanse and enjoy it as you drive down the winding slopes. Khed City has been granted project level Environment Clearance by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, India. It is a result of extensive measures undertaken to check industrial impact on the environment. Several measures have been taken to improve the degraded semi-arid grassland and scrubland ecosystem through eco-restoration and eco-development.

  • More than 150,000 native species of plants have been planted and further plantation is underway.
  • Surface rainwater harvesting at various locations with total capacity of 340 ML has been completed.
  • Water canal courses have been treated and natural depressions have been used to impound water.
  • Soil conservation measures and hydrological regime management.
  • A wide range of environmental benefits will be delivered – restoration of regional bio-diversity, creation of grassland landscape, ecological improvement of the area, site aesthetics, etc.


As a socially responsible self-sustaining ecosystem, Khed City takes every measure to ensure
and augment social sustainability. Land for the Khed City project has been acquired by MIDC through a process of negotiated settlement. A comprehensive Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Package has been implemented for the PAP and Project villages.

The Package comprises:

  • Improved living conditions through support services colony with civic amenities.
  • Social infrastructure – school, community hall, healthcare centre, etc.
  • Employment opportunities through skill development training at Khed ITI.
  • Development works, strengthening of existing infrastructure in Project villages.

Six-Monthly Environment Compliance Report

Khed City is proud to be an environment-friendly industrial city. Our six-monthly environment compliance reports show the constant endeavour taken to abide by the environmental norms.